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5 Easy Things to do with Your Kiddos This Spring!

Pam Doerksen

Posted on May 02 2018



Spring has… sprung? Well, it’s not quite feeling like the warm part of spring yet. With our cool Manitoba temperatures and some snow still on the ground, it seems like the birds chirping and the buds on the trees will never come. But fret not, it will be here before we know it and we’ll get to enjoy all of the joys it brings… as well as the car washes, loads of soggy outdoor clothing and ‘booters’ full of puddle water. It is the time of fresh new beginnings for nature - and it means that summer is one-month closer! Rejoice!!

So what do we do with our little ones while we are in between the stages of the seasons? The snow on the ground is more like the frozen ice shards of Elsa’s castle, and the temperatures can waiver from freezing to windy in a heartbeat. Dear Elsa, the cold does bother us. Time to end the eternal winter. The children are at the maximum level of cabin fever and we NEED to get outside!

I heard a saying once from an older lady - one of those wise women in their 80’s that has seen the world, been through it all and is more active than many millennials I know - she said, “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing”. Alright, Grams, point taken, let’s dress up these munchkins and get outside!

Here are 5 easy things to do this spring that will get you outside with the littles!

  1. Sidewalk chalk. At the very least, the snow will be melted from your steps or driveway at this time of year, so break out the drawings! You can also draw hopscotch to get those little legs jumping!
  2. Treasure hunt. Sometimes as the snow melts, there are all kinds of treasures to be found… but that’s not the treasure we were thinking of! You can start before you go outdoors by having your kid(s) draw all of the things they think they could find outdoors. Then they can take their drawing and a pencil outside and mark off the things they find!
  3. Walk in the puddles. Did you just tense a bit? Remember yourself as a child and tell me you didn’t jump in every puddle possible. Your kids would LOVE to walk, kick, splash and jump in the puddles! So set your mind to know that there will be soaked splash pants, booters and laundry to do afterwards; then go for a walk to find all the puddles!
  4. Neighbourhood clean up. Help the community and teach important lessons about littering! Put on some gloves, grab a garbage bag and pick up the trash around your block. You may be surprised at how much you collect! You’ll likely get bonus points from the neighbours as well :)
  5. Blow bubbles. If you’re like me, you have an excess of bubble bottles from the birthday party goodie bags over the winter, or even some saved from last summer. Time to use them up before Grandma and Grandpa set you up with your new bubble stash ;) If you have a little one that really loves running after bubbles, try one of those bubble blowing machines. They save your breath and they are super fun!

Have a baby to tote around? Don’t let the cool spring stop you from getting outside with your other little ones! We all know that the fresh air, whether it’s warm or has a crisp fresh spring chilly-ness, works wonders for our little ones and their sleep! So strap on your carrier and check out this awesome vest and sweater for some extra warmth for the littlest of your bunch!

boba vest


boba hoodie

This Boba hoodie is the coziest!

We hope this helps inspire you to get out there and tire out those busy babes of yours this season! You know as well as us, outside time means easier to bed later!! Then you can take your spring evenings to enjoy a cup of tea and a good book instead of repeating “PLEASE GO TO SLEEP” 100 times per night. We’ve got your back, Mama!!

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