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5 Tips For Keeping Sleep On Track This Summer

Pam Doerksen

Posted on July 11 2018


Between all the BBQ’s, splash pad dates and trips to the lake, the summer months can be really exciting! – but what happens when you have an overtired baby?  Things can go from fun to stressful pretty quickly.  Healthy sleep for you and your little one is imperative and will make the summer holidays much more enjoyable on the entire family.  So here are five quick tips for keeping sleep on track during this beautiful time of year.

  1. Take breaks from the festivities to mellow out – the fresh air can sure help with sleep, but summer festivities can also be super loud and overstimulating for our little ones. Make sure to take breaks from the sun by finding a shaded area or quiet space and enjoy some quiet time just before naps and bedtime. This will help wind down your little one, making it easier for him/her to fall into a restful sleep.
  2. Pull out the blackout blind – Stick to an early bedtime and never let your little one get to the point of being overtired. An overtired baby will take longer to fall asleep and puts them at risk for night time wakes. With the long summer days, it’s important to invest in a good blackout blind to block out the sun and help boost those natural melatonin levels. You can find our favourite travel blackout blind here. 
  3. Avoid sugary treats before bed – It’s hard to say ‘no’ to those big brown eyes, as others around you roast another round of marshmallows, but you’re doing your little ones (and yourself) a favour if you set boundaries on sugary treats 1-2 hours before bed.
  4. Give white noise a try – Having a sound machine in your child’s sleeping space will help drown out the party (or those pesky crickets) in the next room, so that baby can fall asleep easier and STAY asleep. Be sure to play the sound machine continuously, rather than using a timer which can inadvertently wake your little one as well.
  5. Stay true to their bedtime routine – Babies and toddlers love consistency. Whether at home or while travelling, try your best to stick to their routine as much as possible. Heading to the lake? Don’t forget to pack their favourite book, snuggle buddy, and sleep sack if you’re staying elsewhere. (Looking for a nice breathable sleep sack for summer? Check out this one!

A well-rested child will be happier and more appreciative of the time you spend with them out in the sun – after all our summer only lasts a few months! If things don’t go quite as planned, remember to relax and enjoy the moment for what it is. You can always press the reset button and try again the following day.


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