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5 Tips from my 'Minimalist' Spring Cleaning

Pam Doerksen

Posted on May 16 2018



I don't know about you, but something about Spring cleaning feels so purifying. As daunting as a task it may be, the aftermath is so refreshing - just like spring!

Somehow, over the winter, the stuff piles up, and I keep putting things into storage - whether that be a corner in my basement or a room my house - it is a place that I dread looking at. WHERE DOES ALL THIS STUFF COME FROM? So this year, I have started to minimize 'the stuff'.

Here are some tips I am using to help me decide what to purge from my house, my children's rooms and my life:


Tip 1: 'Add a Donate in 30 days' bucket.

It is a bit scary to only have two piles - keep and donate. After all, I've paid my hard earned money for a lot of these things and I feel guilty just giving it away. So to ease into this minimalism thing, I've added a third category, which is the 'put it in a bin and if I don't need it in 30 days, THEN donate it'. I realized the things I hung on to weren't actually necessary to keep.


Tip 2: Donate shoes no one has worn in a year.

Sometimes, I'm that person that thinks 'What if'... what if that special occasion where I get to wear these cute shoes finally comes up? For the most part, if you haven't worn them in a year, it's time to let go. But if there is just one pair that you love oh so much - keep them. This isn't meant to strip all your joy of possessions! Do your children have younger siblings? Make a container for 'hand me downs' and store it nicely on a shelf.


Tip 3: Remove glasses, dishes, silverware, serving dishes or cooking utensils and appliances. 

I'm looking at you, heart-shaped waffle maker! Put these items in your 'to donate after 30 days' bin if you're having a hard time letting go. If you miss something, you can still go get it! But your kitchen will feel so much roomier - you might enjoy cooking again!


Tip 4: Got kids? Get them involved. 

Explain to your children why you donate toys that no one plays with. For mine, we prefer to donate to a shelter or the local thrift store that raises money for families in the community. Then allow them to choose what they would like to keep and what they would like to give away. If your child is reluctant to give up anything, perhaps ask them to start with 5 things from their whole room. 

Tip 5: Get rid of expired products. Bring a box to your bathroom and get rid of everything that's expired, or will be expired by the time you'd like to use it. 

**Earth-friendly tip: replace all cleaners with a natural replacement! Check out some replacements on our website here!

bergamot cleanerrock in green

Tip 6: Find a capsule wardrobe on Pinterest!

Read more about the 333 Project here. For those who don't know, this is where you purge your wardrobe and only include 33 articles of clothing and you wear them for 3 months at a time. It has literally relieved stress for me! Keep room in your basement for a bin of seasonal clothing, as we do need to switch up the wardrobe in our climate :)


Start with these tips and CELEBRATE! Even if you only did half of these things, you are lighter and freer than before! Better yet? Reward yourself, and your family after the long day of cleaning. Order in from your favourite restaurant, go play in the park, have a movie and popcorn night - whatever makes you all happy!

Happy Spring Cleaning!!

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