Baby Registry Mistakes to Avoid

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Posted on June 20 2018


That new fancy baby swing that moves in 1800 directions and hums like a car ride sure does look appealing for your new-to-arrive bundle of joy... but the things we don't know, or think of as a first time parent, is how long our baby will even use things, or worse, if they will even like them!

And if Grandma, Auntie and Mom all went in on one big gift like this, and it turns out baby just wants to be glued to you anyway, maybe they could have gone in on Tula carrier instead, and added a few diapers to the gift.

The truth is, when we are expecting our first babes, we can prepare as much as we can, read all the books [ok these childbirth and breastfeeding ones are certainly our FAVES] and do all the research, but nothing truly prepares you for caring for YOUR baby. And that's the fun part of parenting! (I use the word 'fun' loosely, haha)

So this leads me into the baby registry! Based on chats with many of the Mamas we know, we've compiled a list of 'advice' for your baby registry. Now you can take or leave this advice - we know how much of the unwanted kind you're probably getting already - consider it... helpful feedback!

1. Don't go overboard. While you think you might need ten 5 packs of white newborn onesies so you can avoid doing laundry, chances are you'll do just fine with 1/4 of that, because laundry happens at least every other day. Same with socks (that never stay on anyway) and bibs.

2. Don't insist on everything new. For the amount of time that your baby is little (sorry, but the term 'time flies' really applies to our children!) buying brand new is not always necessary. If you have friends that have hand me downs, accept them with pride! Hand me down newborn clothing is barely worn anyway :)

3. Buy your own expensive essentials. Don't wait for your baby shower and hope to receive things like a stroller, car seat, baby carrier or a breast pump. These are things that you are going to want to pick out and have ready before baby! (or ask parents to help you out with these items!)

4. Opt for gender neutral baby gear. We all like to go a little crazy on the girly themed items, especially if your little princess is the first in the group. But think future on things like high chair, exer-saucers and strollers. Do you really want to have to explain to everyone that your second born is a boy, while he is strapped into his hot pink car seat?

5. Don't just register for infant gear. As we mentioned before, babies are only little for so long! So opt for some 0-3 month clothes and diapers, as well as 6 month + so you'll be prepared for the long haul!

6. Don't discount Dad. Encourage the boys to do a diaper party! This is such a cool idea! Super sweet baby showers for Mama, poker party for Dad - and all his friends can bring one pack of diapers, ranging in sizes! That will keep you stocked up for a long time! BONUS if it's a CLOTH DIAPER party.

7. Going back to that fancy $500 swing... or that wipe warmer... or the 3 nursing covers with different designs... or that soother holder that looks like grass... the peepee teepees... we're not sure you'll even use them. ;)

Lastly, we tend to forget that we can purchase baby items after baby arrives. If you didn't get a certain item on your registry, hold off for a little bit and see if you'll even need it before going out and purchasing it. You'll get into a groove with baby and you'll know what you'll need. Because guess what? You're super Mama, and you know your baby the best!

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