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Beat the Heat this August!

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Posted on August 01 2018


Summer lovers rejoice! August is by far the best summer month, in my opinion. The warmest weather has arrived, the trees, plants and veggies are producing bountiful harvests (mmm... fresh garden veggies) and most of us get a break from children's activities! It's the perfect month to relax and spend time with friends and family, or at the lake or camping, before the craziness of back to school.

But, it can be HOT. If you're reading this from Manitoba, you'll know that we've had an overall hot season, as it started in May, so based on that, I think I've perfected the 'How to keep cool' strategy this year! 

Here are my tips for keeping cool in this beautiful August heat!

1. Drink a lot of water. I mean, this is a given in any weather. Think of it this way, we are just like plants in the sense that we need water and sunshine, otherwise we will be droopy. haha! The more we sweat, the more we need to replenish that moisture.

2. Wear breathable clothing - think cotton. 

3. Prepare cool foods. Think refreshing quinoa and cucumber salad >> Recipe Here. This is not only easy and refreshing, but if you make a big batch, it will last a few days so you save some time and enjoy more of the day without meal prepping.

4. Hit up the Air Conditioner. Take breaks when you need them. Don't push it in the heat, especially with the little ones. Sun stroke is no joke. Don't have air conditioning? You can set up the fans in the house. My mom used to put an ice pack on a plate in front of a fan in hopes it would blow cold air. Not sure it actually worked... :P. But you can always take those ice packs and apply them to wrists and back of neck for a nice cool down. These are your body's best cooling points.

5. Hats! Seems obvious, but keeping that sun off your noggin' makes a huge difference. Also prevents sunburn. 

6. Sunscreen. There is really not much worse than a sore, itchy hot sunburn - especially when you are trying to sleep and just feel the heat radiating off your poor, crispy skin.

7. Exercise in the morning or night. Beat the heat! Wake up early to get that run in!

8. Alright, this may not be how to beat the heat, per se... but beat the stink that the heat causes by wearing deodorant. Watch for antiperspirant as it blocks your pores and prevents sweating. You WANT to sweat. It's how your body works. So when choosing a deo, avoid the anti-anything. A good deodorant will curb the smell and use something to help keep you dry, but still allow sweat. This new line from Meow Meow Tweet will do the trick! 

9. Indulge in frozen treats :) Go on, enjoy that popsicle. 

We hope you enjoy the last month of Summer and take in all of the fun and warmth it provides! 


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