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Camping with Kids Checklist

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Posted on July 25 2018

Yessss!! It's camping season!! 

Wait... I have kids. 

Fears enter brain: sleepless nights in cold tents. Dirty hands, feet, hair. Eating dirt and sunflower seed shells from the ground. Losing children on the beach. Forgetting to pack favourite blankets.

No, we can do this. Our kids need to connect with nature, and what better way to do this than sleeping in the woods. Let's set aside all expectations and go with the flow. Let's be present. Let's design art in the dirt with sticks and rocks. Camping will be fun!

What is really the thing that causes the most stress about camping (besides the weather)? It's being unprepared! To help make your family camping weekend fun, we've prepared this checklist for you! Now you'll be ready for anything, including weather!

tiny treehugger camping checklist


We hope this helps you get your fam-jam outside for some much needed 'unplugged' time. Time spent without electronics and other distractions may bring your family closer together! Being able to take the time to listen to your children's stories, and being totally present, without having to fold laundry, do dishes, or work will mean the world to them. Let's face it, all they really want in life is time spent with you, so we hope you can make the best of your camping experience!

Cheers to being a happy camper!! 

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