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Five Tips to Get Through the Winter

Pam Doerksen

Posted on February 15 2019

We're just into February and depending on what the ground hog in your area said, we still have some winter left. It's been a cold one here in Manitoba and feels like we only just got out of the deep deep freeze!

To make it through the rest of winter, I have 5 tips you can implement in your life today. SPOILER alert - you may or may not like one or more of these & either way, you WILL make it through the winter.

Number 1: Get moving!

Whether it's a dance party with your little ones, a walk around the block outside [yes even if it takes 25 minutes to get dressed to get outside!] or youtube video workout, get moving! Arrange a gym class with a friend or daily movement is vital to our mental health and a healthy habit to incorporate into our lives.

Number 2: Keep positive!

Mel Robbins says "If you change the way you think you'll change your life." It's a #mindsetreset. When we're stuck in old thinking patterns, we get trapped in the past. Empty the trash in your head and MOVE FORWARD by thinking positively. When you change how you think, you will change your life.

Number 3: Fresh Air

Yes, it will hurt to breath or may hurt your face but use common sense with this one. Fresh air is good for you and good for your soul! Dress appropriately and breath in that fresh goodness! Let's be honest, the winter beauty is a gorgeous site to enjoy too.

Number 4: Stay Social

Turn the phone off and have FACE to FACE connections with old friends and new! No one wants to be house bound all winter so getting out helps, with or without the kids too. My top faves are a Thermea date, coffee shop date, grocery shopping with a friend, or invading a friend's house for a playdate.

Number 5: Sleep

I'm sorry to all the parents who have babies who don't sleep, I really am! We have contacts to refer you to a gentle sleep consultant if you need, just contact us for their info. For all others, TRY THIS: shutting devices off 1-2 hours before lights out. Go to bed early. 9pm is not too early. 8pm is not too early. Pick up a book if you're not quite tired enough. Early to bed makes it earlier to rise! Studies show that if you sleep TOO much, the more sluggish you'll feel during the day. Aim for 8 hours of sleep!

If winter is keeping you from enjoying your normal life, just know that spring is JUST around the corner, this too shall pass... and if you're just not feeling right, please talk to someone. 

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