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How To Get Into Your Back To School Routine

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Posted on August 29 2018

School is JUST around the corner and that means a more structured routine than your kids are used to seeing over the summer. Bedtimes are taken a little more seriously, wakeup times are crucial so your kiddos can catch the bus, and as the parents, it's time for you to figure out to fit 'packing lunch' back into your schedule!


Getting back into a routine after a summer of fun can be a little tricky with kids who are used to the freedom of summer! Below are our top tips on how to get back into a routine so when the first day of school comes, everyone (including you!) is prepared!


1 - Gradually get bedtime back in check

The week before school starts (as in, right now!) start getting your kids to bed a little bit earlier each night. Then, wake them up a bit earlier each day! This is as simple as 10-15 minutes earlier each night and each morning. By the time the first day of school rolls around, your kid should be in their normal sleeping routine for at least 2-3 days so they don't feel 'soooo tired' when they wake up on that first day of school! 

We love the Gro Clock! Not only is it helpful for keeping those keeners IN BED, it also has an alarm setting to help wake up your kids, too! Think of it as the perfect way to get them up when they need to be (like for school) and IN BED until you're ready for them (like on Christmas or Easter morning!)

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2 - Set meal times

Over the summer your schedule runs free and so do your eating habits! Out at the cabin? Let's all sleep in and have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch! Have an afternoon activity planned? Let's grab an early lunch and pack a few snacks! Your kids may be used to snacking a lot more over the summer so it's time to get into some regular meal times. With your kiddos already starting to get up a bit earlier each day, aim for breakfast to be shortly after so it simulates what their 'back to school' routine will be like. Try to set a regular lunchtime around noon or 12:30 to simulate what lunch at school will be like.


3 - Select outfits in advance

If you're already done back to school shopping, your kid may have been lucky enough to have one brand new outfit to wear the very first day of school. Your child is probably SO EXCITED to wear that outfit... but... what about the next day? and the day after that? Get outfits picked out in advance for first few days to ease yourself back into all that is going on. 


4 - Get ready the night before

This is for you, mama bear or papa bear! Set yourself up for success in the morning by getting as much ready the night before as you can. Prepare a lunch (as long as it won't go soggy from sitting all night!), make sure the schoolbag is packed and be sure all the correct alarms are set! Do a few 'trial runs' before the first few days of school so you can back into the swing of preparing the night before-- how long does it take? What do you need to do so you can be ready on time in the morning as well?

This Bynto by Goodbyn is a great option for packing lunches! Grab them for your kids... and for you, too!


With these tips put into practice, we know you'll rock at getting back into your school routine! Are there any tips you'd recommend? Let us know!



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