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Litterless Lunches for the Win!

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Posted on August 15 2018

back to school

Back to school time! Tell us, which parent are you?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! OR What am I going to do without my babies?!

Either way, it is time to prepare for back to school. Get your supply list ready and let's do some shopping!

We are starting to see a shift in the world now, with banning plastic straws and using reusable water receptacles - and how wonderful is that to watch! It's time we exert a solid effort into taking care of our planet, water ways and wildlife. After all, we want to leave earth in a healthy shape for our children's generations and for many more to come, right?

It is estimated that the world uses 3 trillion plastic bags every year - about 3 million of those are used in Canada (what?!) They are each used for an average of 20 minutes and take 400 years to break down. The solution is to bring a reusable shopping bag with you... could it really be that difficult? I think we can do it!

By banning the use of disposable utensils and containers, we are also eliminating the toxins that can seep into our food and beverages. These Styrofoams and plastics can contain carcinogens linked to cancers and other illnesses. 

Let's keep the movement flowing! If we introduce it and educate our children, they will grow up with the tools and knowledge to keep the change going! 

But, we digress...

Here are 5 AWESOME products to set your kiddo up for a litterless school year:

1. This super fun back pack made from 100% recycled bottles. 9 bottles have been saved from the landfill - and they are now in this bag!


2. Eco friendly 100% stainless steel lunchbox to hold sandwiches or snacks.

stainless steel lunch box

3. For soup lovers, we have a double walled stainless steel TokiDine food container.



4. Take with you anywhere stainless steel straws. You never know when you're going to need a straw - and now you can do your part in joining the straw ban movement!

stainless steel straws


5. Zoli Pow Squeak Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle - spill proof and stainless steel. The flip lid keeps the straw free from sand in the sandbox!

water bottle


We hope these options inspire you to go litterless, if you aren't already!

Happy 'Back to School' shopping!

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