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Make Thanksgiving about more than food - Here's How

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Posted on September 19 2018

If you are a family that celebrates Thanksgiving, do you ever find that it sometimes just relates to the biggest turkey you can find, an overwhelming day of cooking, stuffing our faces with as much food as we can, doing loads of dishes, then eating pumpkin pie? 

Now, we understand that there has been a few different viewpoints on Thanksgiving and where it really comes from, what it really means and who it affected. But we are going to focus on Thanksgiving in a different sense. We love to bring it back to a day of recognizing how grateful we are for the lives we have. How can we steer away from focusing on the hoards of food we prepare and really show our gratefulness?

Here are some things we like to do on Thanksgiving day to make it special

1. Potluck or cook together - We all know that person in our family that is the amazing chef. Everything they make tastes delicious. But what tends to happen is that chef gets left alone on an island with no one to visit with while they cook, and the weight of preparing everything for everyone, with no time left to visit and enjoy. One option is a potluck, where everyone brings their dish and you simply heat it up before dinner. OR you could all cook together. Assign everyone to a dish and make it a family affair. Always keep more than one person cooking in the kitchen, so there is plenty of time to visit and no overwhelming menu to create. No chef left behind!

2. Get the kids involved. While everyone is preparing for dinner, don't forget the kids! Yes, we know the kitchen is no place for the littles while food is boiling and in the oven, but how about making an apple pie with Grandma? It could be a wonderful yearly tradition and Grandma will have someone to pass her recipes down to.

3. Skip the Traditional! Alright, we know some of you won't dig the thought of this, but why don't you skip the turkey altogether and go with something else? Perhaps a meal featuring different pastas, or maybe Mexican food? How about ordering in and spending more time together? Just throwing it out there.

4. Grateful Notes. As a host, you could place a note on each person's place setting that tells them why you are grateful for them. Or what we love to do is leave a blank piece of paper on each place setting and everyone writes down their own 'grateful'. Throw it in a bowl and play a game with it by guessing who wrote what. With each note that's read, it just expands the moments of gratefulness. And that's really what it's all about.

5. Reflect on the Year. Along with the grateful notes, each person can tell a story of one thing that happened in their past year that they were the most grateful for.

6. Read a Book. As a family, you could read a book each year that represents thankfulness or really anything that makes you feel together. For kids, we really love the books by Todd Parr. They're colourful and the message is sweet, clear and simple to understand, but has real impact. Check out the Thankful Book, for example.

7. Reach Out. Do you know someone who is alone on Thanksgiving? Perhaps their family lives far away, or they no longer have a partner. Invite them to be a part of your day. Love thy neighbour :)

8. Go for a walk after dinner. There's no better way to end a lovely day then with a bit of exercise and outside time (plus you can walk off the extra piece of pie you ate) 

You still have a few weeks to plan for T day, so no stress! We hope you have an amazing day and that you are oh-so-grateful, just like we are for you!



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