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Prepping for Canada Day Festivities!

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Posted on June 27 2018


Oh Canada! We stand on guard for... hot July sun, lots of summer fun and... mosquitos! 


Are you planning some Canada day festivities? Whether you're staying home with the family, getting together with a group of friends, or joining the big community parties, we hope you have a blast celebrating this amazing country! 


A few interesting facts about Canada:

- Canada is the world's most educated Country. Half of its residents have college degrees!

- Canada's lowest recorded temperature was -63 Celsius in 1947.

- Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world's lakes combined.

- Canada consumes more macaroni and cheese than any other country in the world.

- Canada has fewer people than Tokyo's Metropolitan area.

- We love this vast and beautiful country!


When packing for parties with the little ones, we have a few things that could help you party comfortably - you never know what kind of day your babes are going to have, but at least you can prevent a few meltdowns with these handy products!


1. Pack a hat! Not only does it help cool those little ones down by keeping their face in the shade, but it means you don't have to spray sunscreen all over their heads. Definitely not a nice feeling to have sunburn on the scalp! We're all about being practical, so we found these amazing Twinklebelle Grow-With-Me Sun Hats that have 50+ UPF and an adjustable strap (plus they're adorbs!)

And why not finish the look (and protect those eyes) with these RoShamBo Baby Sunglasses ;)



2. Repel Bugs. Those darn mosquitos and wasps definitely don't make for a lovely outdoor experience, but if you come prepared, it can (and it will, darn it!) be a great experience. For tiny babes, bug repellent and essential oils are not great for their skin, so we suggest covering the carrier with something like this Lulujo 2 Pk Muslin Blanket with Hooks. These muslin blankets for swaddling and as a stroller, car seat, or carrier cover. The colour coordinating clips are designed perfectly for keeping the blanket secure.

For the older kiddos, try this natural moisturizing outdoor spray - Peas in a Pod Take a Hike Outdoor Joose - it contains 25% Aloe Vera juice and a combination of pure essential oils in a witch hazel base, it does not come in a pressurized container or contain any chemicals, making it safe for the environment. Plus, bugs don't like it very much! A great alternative to deet filled sprays.


3. Sunscreen. There is nothing worse than the hot, scratchy, sore feeling of a sunburn. We know you want to protect your babes from sunburns... but don't forget yourself too!! Here's some safe sunscreen to add to your going out bag! Think Baby Sunscreen - get it here!


4. Snacks! None of us can get away from the snack demands, so it's best to pack more than what you need (although, can they ever have too many snacks? Nope, not according to them...)


Get out there and enjoy summer while it's here! Happy Canada Day!

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