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School Lunch Food to pack in Your Yum Box (or any Bento Box)

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Posted on September 26 2018

yum boxyum boxyum box

Bento Boxes are the COOLEST if you love to be organized (or if your little one 'doesn't like their food touching other food').

We are featuring the Tapas 4 Compartment Yum Box, which is totally available on our website. Here are some food combos that are school friendly and fit perfectly into these boxes!

1. Jam sandwich + cooked carrots + cheese chunks + yogurt

2. Crackers + deli meat + Strawberries + Cucumbers

3. Pretzels + hummus + snap peas + raspberries

4. Sandwich + grapes + apple sauce + cookie

5. Pancake + syrup + cheese + strawberries

6. Crackers + cheese + orange slices + yogurt

7. Crackers + cheese + cucumbers + ranch

8. Pickles + cheese + sandwich + yogurt

9. Muffin + blueberries + cheese + yogurt

10. Deli or cheese wrap + popcorn + cucumbers + dip

Let us know what your kids love!!

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