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Is this GOODBYE?

Pam Doerksen

Posted on May 03 2018

Well, friends, Spring has FINALLY arrived here in Manitoba! Spring is one of my favourite seasons; everything comes out of hibernation, the birds sing with joy, the sun rises higher and higher in the sky with each passing day, and the green buds start to show on the trees. It's truly a time for positive change and this spring feeling in the outdoor air has a way of infiltrating our personal and professional lives as well.


This feeling of change and growth is also coming to Tiny TreeHugger this spring. Just last month we changed up our hours and next month an even bigger change will be coming our way. Is this where we say goodbye?


As a family run business, I've continually strived to keep my family as a priority as TTH has grown through various stages. As time passes, family is becoming more and more of a priority. We only have 18 summers to spend with each child as they grow and develop as a person right before our eyes before they fly out of the coop! It has become more evident to me as each summer comes and goes that it is important I spend those warm, long days together with my boys.


I have four children, but Tiny TreeHugger has become my fifth! So many moments stand out to me as pivotal to the success and impact TTH has had. From seeing wonderful families walk through our door, to hosting events that help new parents settle into their new life, it has been a journey I have been so glad to be a part of! Our journey change as we progress and it's time that Tiny TreeHugger makes a change to reflect the new adventures ahead.


As of June 9th, our brick and mortar space will be closed and Tiny TreeHugger will be changing back to our online-only model. Don't worry-- we will still have our Winnipeg space available as a pick-up option twice a week!


We will miss seeing your friendly faces and spending time in the company of our regular customers but we are so excited for you to continue to shop our Tiny TreeHugger favourites from the comfort of your home so you, too, can spend more time with your families during the seasons that seem to change all too quickly!


Thank you for all of your support as Tiny TreeHugger continues to grow and we commit to providing families with eco-friendly products that will enhance their lives and sustain the environment.


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