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What a Mom Actually Wants on Mother's Day

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Posted on May 09 2018



Moms play an important role in this world and we know it from watching our own mother, grandmother or friends take on Motherhood. We like to think that they are the glue that holds us all together! 

As beautiful as blooming flowers, each Mother is unique and perfect in her own way. Take a look at our list below of some gift ideas sure to please most, or all Mothers alike, no matter how different we are!

Gift #1 - Let her sleep in. Remove all children from the bed, close the door and let her sleep an extra hour or three. If she doesn't like sleeping in, allow her a slow wake-up and bring her her favourite coffee or tea.

Gift #2 - Send her to a yoga class. She can go on her own to have a relaxing Shavasana, or many studios offer a family class so you can all start the day off with a much needed stretch.

Gift #3 - Plan a picnic. Don't let her think of anything at all, just pack a picnic for everyone and head out to the park, or a special place you all love. You can pack your snacks in Colibri re-usable snack bags save on waste!

Gift #4 - Make a delicious dinner. If she's always the one making dinner, give her a night off and get the family to do it for her. Not a great cook? Take her out for dinner to her favourite restaurant. Be sure to reserve a spot in advance!

Gift #5 - Is there an outdoorsy mama in your life? Plan a day hike. Pack your picnic and enjoy the outdoors. There's nothing more rejuvenating than a walk through the real mama - Mother Nature!

Gift #6 - Wine Tasting. Wino-mama's, where you at?! If there's a wine drinking mom in your life, you'll know it. Why not bring her somewhere to enjoy the wine - instead of her waiting for the kids to go to bed first. Book a babysitter and take her out!

Gift #7 - Let her explore a passion project. How amazing is this gift? Maybe she's been wanting to paint, but can never find time to do it in between work and kids. Maybe she wants to learn a new language. No matter what it is, if a person can do the things they are passionate about, they will bring all that love back home to the family. So sign her up for a workshop or class where she can get away for a couple hours per week and enjoy some 'her' time.

Gift #8 - Let her choose her own gift. Here's a link to our Tiny Tree Hugger gift card!

Gift #9 - Moms + Mimosas! Hosted by Tiny TreeHugger, our Moms + Mimosas event is the perfect way to give the mom in your life some time to connect with other inspiring mothers. They will enjoy a massage, create a custom essential oil blend, make an amber bracelet and feel refreshed coming back home to her loving family! Learn more about the event and sign up the mom in your life here!

Whatever you do for a Mom in your life, we know she will love it because that's just what mom's do!

Happy Mother's Day!

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