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What Real-Life Dads want for Father's Day

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Posted on June 13 2018


It isn't BBQ utensils, it isn't a power tool and it isn't Scotch. So what do every day, real-life Dads want for Father's Day?

While searching the internet we stumbled across some advice here and there straight from the guys themselves and compiled our findings. We hope these give you some ideas for this upcoming Father's Day!

1. A day to not make any decisions. Sound familiar? This is kind of what some of us Moms want too. No questions like, "What do you want to do on your day?" or "What do you want for dinner?" or "What do you think about this colour/dress/rug/plant/etc?". Just a day to go with the flow and hang out with the kids where it's all planned out for them.

2. Day of Golf. Or Fishing. Or whatever Dad's passion may be. Give him a guilt-free day to do his thing.

3. Something special from the kids. Ideas that are creative are the most fun - like helping your kids write a story or comic about their Dad. This lets their personalities and imagination shine through, and it will probably end up in a few laughs. Kids are so funny sometimes!

4. An activity with the kids. Is there a community event happening? A family picnic? Get out of the house for part of the day and do something as a family. Or, perhaps it's a good day for nostalgia and you can break out the legos for kids and Dad to build. Check out these Plus Plus Learn to Build Sets.

5. Their favourite dinner. The way to a man's heart... 

Alright, so our findings are that Dads don't really need much on Father's Day. They don't feel the need to be pampered. They don't need or want 'stuff'. They just want to feel appreciated exactly how they are - ok, maybe with an extra hour of sleep in the morning - but just planning a normal Sunday may be all that they actually want. 

Doesn't that just remove a bunch of pressure? We'll call this 'winning research"! 

Let's all take a moment to be grateful for the Papa bears in our lives!

Happy Father's Day guys! 

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