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Why it's important to switch to natural makeup.

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Posted on October 03 2018

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It's likely that many of you are already using natural body products, but if you are here, starting your journey to being more natural, we think you're awesome!! And we're here to help.

Sorry to name-shame, but brands like L'Oreal, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Wet n' Wild (and the list goes on) are likely brands that you've used in the past. We've all grown up with them. Because the regulations on cosmetics aren't heavily monitored, sometimes these brands contain ingredients that can be harmful when used as often as we use our cosmetics.

Reason 1 to switch to natural: They are safe! If you read ingredients like "BHA, BHT, DEA, DBP, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Parfum, PEG, Petrolatum, SLS, Triclosan" (more found HERE) - these are the junky ingredients we need to avoid. They are ingredients that have proven to cause harm to our bodies, whether they contribute to causing illness or irritate the skin, they just aren't good. Good, natural products don't contain these preservatives or fillers!

2. They are actually GOOD for you! Many natural products use oils, plant extracts and other natural ingredients that serve a purpose in your regime and pack in the nutrients for your skin or lashes! Remember, it only takes 26 seconds for products to absorb into your skin, and into your blood stream, so let's pack it with the good stuff.

3. Environmentally friendly. If it doesn't concern you what you put on your skin, perhaps think of what happens to those artificial ingredients as they wash off your skin and into the waterways. Everything makes its way back into the earth at some point, and it does affect it. They are finding the 'scrubby beads' from soap in the bottom of lakes and inside fish - plastic!! Cosmetics come in all sorts of plastic packaging, also, which is filling up our landfills and being found in our oceans.

4. You can make your own! There are tons of recipes on pinterest that show you how to make your own sugar scrubs, soaps, lip gloss, lotions, eye shadows, and more! If you hold a cosmetic making party with your friends, the cost is a fraction of in store prices!

5. They are cruelty-free. Are you an animal lover? We feel that there is absolutely no reason that animals should be subjected to the tests that makeup companies use them for. No being should be harmed for our vanity. If we use natural, safe products, we should be testing them on humans. ;)

Check out this amazing company from Manitoba - Pure Anada. They make natural, cruelty free makeup and it's beautiful! Grab their (super affordable) mascara on Tiny Tree Hugger website HERE!

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