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Why you need cold brew coffee in your life (and it’s easy to make!)

Pam Doerksen

Posted on April 18 2018

cold brew coffee

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a cold-brew coffee kind of person. I tend to drink my one warm cup in the morning, then maybe another at the 2 pm mark when I need a kick in the pants. When I think coffee I think warm, cozy and comforting. That is until it’s 29 degrees outside and the thought of anything hot makes me hope my aluminum-free deodorant can do its job.


How do I get my caffeine boost if it’s too hot to brew up a steaming hot cuppa joe?! I avoid pop as much as possible, so what’s an alternative? Light Bulb! While reading up on the benefits of my awesome Coffee Sock, I see “Cold Brew Coffee” and realize that I could make it on my own, without all the sugars and ice that are usually in the ones you get from some coffee shops!


Thanks to some pointers from Pinterest, I’ve found myself a new cool beverage that also gives me a boost mid-day! But there are other benefits to cold brew coffee! Check them out:


  1. Cold brew naturally seems sweeter because of the lower acid level. Hot water not only extracts quickly but also cooks as it extracts, causing a change in the coffee taste and structure.
  2. Because the heat isn’t affecting the coffee the same way when it brews, the taste should remain the same, days later! But make sure you keep it covered so that it doesn’t absorb other funky fridge odours.
  3. It can last up to 2 weeks in your fridge! Imagine being able to grab a cup quickly from your fridge whenever you’d like even while your tiny tots are underfoot! Or you could bring it to work and not have to bug your coworker to hit up Tim Hortons for you.


Now we know WHY we need cold brew coffee in our life, but how? Easy peasy.


Using a 4 to 1 ratio seems to work well. So pour 4 cups of filtered water into a large mason jar and add to 1 cup coarsely ground coffee. (Coarse grind is better, as the combination of the larger pieces, the slow steep and cold water will remove the bitterness from the coffee!) Put the lid on the jar and let it steep in the fridge for 12-14 hours. Don’t worry, it’s worth it.


If you strain the coffee too soon, the result will be weaker coffee. A watched cold brew never brews… or something like that… so let it steep nice and long.


Not only is cold brew delicious and convenient, it can be environmentally friendly too if you use fair trade coffee and strain using this coffee sock! (check out the benefits of the coffee sock here)

coffee sock

Strain the coffee into another mason jar, or a few small ones for grab-on-the-go cuppa joe!


Bonus points for being innovative and using the coffee sock as a tea bag in the first place!


Extra bonus points if you throw the coffee in your smoothie for breakfast (add some nut butter, banana and cinnamon for an all in one breaky!!)


I hope you enjoy your DIY, eco-friendly cold brew on a hot day!

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