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Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Sticks

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Lavender Bergamot 4.5oz


MMT's completely natural underarm cream is a simple recipe that is safe, effective and will leave you smelling fresh all day. Organic coconut oil combined with baking soda is antibacterial with a sweet and pleasing aroma. Arrowroot powder and clay will help to keep you dry. To use, gently rub a dime-sized amount into each armpit with your fingertips (don't push hard, those pits are sensitive!).
INGREDIENTS *virgin coconut oil *jojoba oil *shea butter*arrowroot powder*baking soda (naturally mined) *kaolin clay *tea tree OR lavender essential oil
*organic ingredient
Some things to note: Contains no unnecessary hardeners or waxes. If cream softens in warm temperatures, stir from the bottom and refrigerate for 20 minutes. MMT does not use aluminum compounds that have been linked to breast cancer, though their cream does effectively absorb some moisture, it is not an antiperspirant. But hey, sweating is natural, embrace it! Some notice skin sensitivity applying to recently shaved underarms. If so, shave at night and apply in the morning or moisturize your underarms with unscented oil before applying.


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