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SuperUndies Cotton Nighttime Undies

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Can you imagine spending $30 a month on a case of disposable bedwetting diapers with no end in sight? Maybe you already do that! Super Undies is a reusable alternative to bedwetting underwear, designed to hold the absorbency necessary to match your child’s wetness output.

Nighttime Undies are waterproof, with water resistant edging. Two layers of cotton terry are hidden inside, with another two layer insert that can be laid flat for girls, or folded and used in the front for boys or tummy sleepers. Need more absorbency still? This is possible if your child is a heavy-wetter, but Super Undies has additional inserts to help meet your needs.

When sizing for your Nighttime Undies, please reference the measurement chart and make sure the legs fit. If the waist is a bit big, the elastic band can always be folded down, reducing the rise and cinching up the undies. 

Turn your Super Undies™ inside out before washing, so the inside pads is exposed. Wash on warm with detergent you trust. Dry on medium. Using hot water and high heat will not hurt the undies, but may cause some shrinkage. 

*Maintenance does not usually need to be performed on daytime potty training pants, but rather on the nighttime ones, since they are exposed to ammonia for so long at a time and there is more absorbency in them, but if your cloth potty training pants do start to have an odor, please follow directions below.*

Super Undies™ Maintenance

It is important to remember that your Super Undies™ will be repeatedly saturated in ammonia for long periods of time. Eventually ammonia will begin to bind to the fibers of any cloth, as well as possibly detergent residue from constant washings or residual fabric softeners from being tumbled in the dryer that has had artificially softened clothes in it. This could eventually lead to a build up of residue making your undies less absorbent, or a build up of ammonia causing skin irritation or unusual odor. In order to keep your pants free of such issues, use this maintenance method once a month.
Begin by turning off the cold water to your washing machine. This will ensure the very hottest water will fill the tub. Add your Super Undies™, turned inside out, to the basin along with a cup or vinegar and a few drops of kitchen dish soap (preferably Dawn.) Allow the water to agitate to mix the components, then let the undies sit for 15 minutes.

After this soak is complete, drain the water and turn the cold back on. Wash the undies on warm as normal with no detergent and 1 cup of baking soda added to the initial wash. The rinse cycle should remove all baking soda, vinegar and dish soap left over. Rinse on cold. Dry... and voila! Maintenance is done!


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