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AMP 2-layer Hemp Inserts




AMP 2-Layer Hemp Insert
AMP 2-layer hemp inserts are made of two thirsty layers of 55% hemp, 45%cotton fleece.

Because of their generous size, these inserts make great infant pre-folds and can be snappied or layed in a wrap style cover.

Each insert measures approximately 15" x 15" (12" x 14" after washing) and can be folded once to make 4 layers of hemp or twice to make 6 layers.  One 2-layer insert is great for average wetters for daytime use and two at night. 

These inserts are completely customizable to meet every baby's needs.

Hemp is a great choice for diapers because of it's durability and it's absorbency. Antimicrobial properties make hemp a healthy choice as well.


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