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Coco Kisses Distressed Signs


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Growth Chart - This high end growth chart has a beautiful dark walnut rustic look to add a rich feel to you room while making beautiful family memories. Measures your children up to 6ft tall. However actual growth chart board measures at 9"LX60"H. 
*meant to be hung 12 inches off the ground.

This Rustic Moose is a great addition to a space in need of character and rustic charm. Measures at 21"X21"

Rustic coffee sign suited for any little corner in the kitchen! Measures at 16"LX7"H.

Rustic Home sweet Home with white and turquoise lettering can be that simple little piece to add some life to your space. Measures 24"LX7"H

Our gorgeous white wash family sign adds so much to a space. Perfectly designed to catch the eye and draw you in. Its the little things that make a space look so simple and clean yet stylishly beautiful.
Priced at 28$cnd.
Measures at 15"LX7"H

Rustic baby sign adding that soft and sweetness to their cuddly space.


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