Tiny TreeHugger Exclusive Colibri bags in BUCK

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Tiny TreeHugger Exclusive Colibri bags in BUCK


Sandwich bag


Tiny TreeHugger and Colibri [formerly The Sling Sisters] are so happy to announce the exclusive to Tiny TreeHugger prints!!

Snack bags and sandwich bags

The perfect size for any snack or lunch.

Bags have a zipper that is easy for little hands to open and close as well as a 100% nylon lining that is water resistant and plastic free. The snack bags are FDA approved and the zippers are lead and nickel free!

The snack bags hold 1 cup and are great for sliced fruit/veggies and other snacks. They’re also great for organizing business cards, storing loose change etc.

The sandwich size is great for sandwiches, bagels, muffins etc.

Snack - 4x6"
Sandwich - 7.5x7.5"


Regular wet bag

This bag features a strap with a snap, perfect for attaching to a backpack, stroller, towel rod, suitcase etc. Waterproof liner makes this bag great for swimming, travelling, yoga, cloth diapers, camping etc.


Double duty bags

Keep it all together and organized! Two separate compartments: one for dry stuff and one for wet. Heat sealed seems keeps wetness inside.

Regular size features a strap and snap making it easy to attach anywhere.

Mini - 6.5x9"
Regular - 12x15"


Extra large wet bags

These big bags can be used as a laundry bag, for swimming, traveling, cloth diaper storage, camping etc. The two straps with snaps allow the bag to hang on a towel rod, change table or can be looped together to form a handle.


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