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Delish Naturals Hippie Pits All Natural Deodorant




Our All Natural Deodorant is made with the most nourishing and gentle powders and oils on the market, making it perfect for even the most sensitive pits! No baking soda or propylene glycol in these formulations! Our custom essential oil blends will keep you smelling FRESH & STINK free.

6 Choices!
Daisy Chain: Bergamot, Geranium & Lavender
Bazinga!: Spearmint, Tea Tree & Lemongrass
Therapy is the Pits: Tea Tree, Lavender, & Rosemary
California Hippy: Lime, Lemon & Lemongrass
Bohemia: Citrus, Peppermint, Lavender
Dapper: Veviter and Lime
Mojito Blend EO: Cool, crisp lime mingles with freshly crushed mint to deliver a smooth, fresh sensation to heat wilted underarms. Think of it as a refreshing cocktail for your armpits. 

NEW Down to Earth: Made of a blend of these essential oils: Grapefruit, Patchouli, Sage, Rosemary Lavender, Tea Tree Lemon, and Eucalyptus. 
Pink Grapefruit essential oil applied topically can have beneficial toning and astringent effects. It has also been proven to stimulate the lymphatic system. In this way it helps the body remove toxins. Furthermore, it has a great deodorizing action, and helps when feeling hot and bothered, while cooling down inflammations and assisting with wound healing.
Common sage essential oil is an effective natural deodorant, antiperspirant, and diuretic.
Lavender essential oil has a calming scent which makes it an excellent tonic for the nerves, while also being one of the most healing, anti-inflammatory essential oils.
Lemon Tea Tree is also considered one of the best odor controllers, a great deodorizer, this is a good choice for natural deodorants, where it will help to keep odor under control, while also contributing to the anti-bacterial impact necessary for an effective deodorant.
Eucalyptus oil is intensely clean, refreshing and uplifting. The health benefits of eucalyptus oil can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, and other medicinal properties.
Make the switch, your pits will thank you!
Ingredients: beeswax, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, arrowroot powder, cornstarch, silk amino acids, vitamin E, essential oils


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