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AppleCheeks Envelope Cover


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1 AppleCheeks Envelope Covers in size 1 or size 2 and the colour of your choice.

AppleCheeks are a breakthrough in cloth diapering. Taking advantage of recent advances in the textile industry, they combine form with function, providing you with the best fitting, most-effective reusable diaper on the market to date.

Regarding the products themselves, all AppleCheeks cloth diapers and accessories are proudly designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and have been tested on our own babies, so we know they work! Our diapers fit a larger range of babies than similar products on the market, and stand up better to the rigours of the washing cycle. They are fully customizable and can be used as a diaper cover over our hemp or bamboo inserts, with boosters for added absorbency if so desired, and fleece liners to keep baby's skin dry and rash-free. Alternately, the handy, wide envelope opening allows you the option of placing your absorbency underneath the microfleece lining, wicking moisture away from baby's skin and keeping him feeling nice and dry while still absorbing to the max! So many options in one diapering system!

AppleCheeks 2-Size Envelope Covers also fit nicely over a wide variety of fitted diapers. With the AppleCheeks system you will get less leaks and a much trimmer fit than with using fitted cloth diapers.

AppleCheeks covers feature a unique envelope design, similar to a pocket diaper, but with NO NEED TO UNSTUFF. The absorbent inserts come right out in the wash!

Size One 7-20 lbs
Size Two 18-35+ lbs

All weight ranges are approximate.

Important! Before your first use of your diapers:

  • All diapering products should be pre-washed at least once prior to use. Bamboo inserts should be washed three times on hot and dried once on hot to ensure optimal absorbency.

Preparing your Diapers:

  1. Fold insert in thirds.
  2. Lay insert on top of diaper cover, or insert into envelope opening; using the cover/insert method, you can change your insert up to three times before changing your cover, assuming it does not get too soiled. If you prefer the envelope cover method, expect to use one insert per cover.
  3. For easier disposal of solid feces, we suggest the use of a flushable, biodegradable liner.
  4. Put the diaper on your baby and adjust the size using the snaps: first the row at the thighs, then the row at the waist.


  • Attach snap at leg level before attempting to attach snap at tummy level.
  • The leg and tummy snaps do not have to be at the same setting (i.e. tummy snap can be on snap number two from middle and leg snap on snap number three from middle).
  • The diaper fits correctly when you can get one finger between the elastic and your babys skin.
  • We suggest fully extending the leg elastic by pulling out the wing PRIOR to snapping the diaper
  • For nightime use, for naps or for extended periods, consider increasing absorbency by adding boosters or additional inserts.


How to Change the Diaper

  1. Empty all solids into the toilet.
  2. If the cover is still clean, add another insert and replace the diaper onto your baby. If it is too wet, choose a new diaper.
  3. After changing your baby, store soiled diapers in our waterproof, odour-proof AppleCheeks Storage Sac until time to wash.


Diaper Care


  • PRIOR TO WASH: After making sure that all solids have been emptied into the toilet, run a cold pre-rinse or small cold wash in the machine, or a rinse under cold water. Breast milk-only feces do not need to be removed from the diapers prior to washing as they are water-soluble.
  • MACHINE WASH Run the heavy-duty/full wash cycle with hot water (60°C) and very little of a residue-free, scent-free, softener-free, glycerin-free detergent on the double rinse option.
  • If you use a top loader, use 1/4 cup of detergent OR LESS.
  • See our website for our list of recommended brands of detergents.
  • If you use a front loader, use a maximum of 1/8 cup of detergent.
  • Envelope covers may be washed with regular clothing according to the above recommendations.



  • We recommend hanging your AppleCheeks covers and Storage Sacs to dry whenever possible as this will extend the life of your covers.
  • Covers and Storage Sacs can be machine dried on LOW.
  • Inserts can be machine-dried on HOT or hung to dry.


  • AppleCheeks covers can be washed with AppleCheeks inserts.
  • We recommend not hanging your covers over a radiator or any other dry heat source as this will prematurely dry out your elastics and shorten the life of your covers.
  • Avoid contact with all bleaches and fabric softeners in any form.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight (covers only).
  • Never use a fabric softener of any sort on your diapers as this will cause your diapers to repel all liquids and decrease absorption capacity.
  • Avoid using dryer sheets in your laundry in general.
  • To store your covers between babies, vacuum pack in a dark, climate-controlled environment, away from any heat source


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