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Water Test Strips




The terms hard water and soft water refer to the concentration of ions in water. Very hard water can wreak havoc in a household, and washing cloth diapers in hard water is often a challenge. Some detergents are specially formulated to deal with hard or soft water. Rockin Greens Hard Rock or Soft Rock, for example, can make life (or at least laundry) much easier.

Water Test Strips are an extremely simple way to test the waters to see if a household is dealing with hard, moderate, or soft water. Knowing the type of water a family has in their pipes (and in their washing machine) will go a long way towards helping them to find a cloth diaper laundry routine and a detergent that will work for them.

Pass test strip under a stream of water for 1 second, remove. Shake off excess water. Wait 15 seconds. Compare the colour change on the test strip to the colour chart.

Manufactured by: HACH


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