Portable Playset

Sago Mini

  • Packs up to store everything inside in seconds 
  • Compact & unfolds to expand
  • Built-in handle makes it easy for kids to carry 
  • Promotes social skills and creative thinking 
  • For ages 3 years and up

Harvey’s Spaceship

The countdown to fun is on in Harvey's very own spaceship. Inspired by the Sago Mini Space Explorer app, Harvey is ready for blast off. Explore the ship’s different modules and open the hatch for more adventure. Take a spin in the UFO or surf comet tails on the hoverboard. Everything packs up inside and has a handle so you can play anywhere in the universe!

  • Includes Harvey figurine and 6 fun accessories

Jack’s Diner

Jack is cooking up something yummy at his diner and Dennis is really hungry. This playset includes everything you'd expect at a classic diner including booth seating and a jukebox. It even has a take-out window and washroom. When the last order’s up, everything fits neatly inside so you can take it with you to open for business anywhere. Be a cook, be a server or better yet, be a customer and enjoy a float! 

  • Includes Jack the rabbit and Dennis the octopus figurines and 10 fun accessories

Jinja’s House

Join Rosie on a play date at Jinja's house. This adorable little house folds up and stores everything inside. It even has a handle to make it easy to grab and go! Take it on a trip to grandma's, to a restaurant or over to a friend's house. Wherever you go, Jinja and Rosie can come too!

  • Includes Jinja and Rosie figurines and 10 fun accessories

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