Soother Clip with Waxed Cotton Cord and Raw Wood Beads




Naturally, baby.

If your baby needs a soother [pacifier] then the last thing you want to be doing is frantically searching for the plug. This soother clip is made using waxed cotton cord knotted around raw wood beads [made from the Ash Tree in sunny Crimea, Ukraine!]. The metal clip is sturdy, yet opens easily. Once closed around some fabric the grip is impressive. I've intentionally given the larger beads a larger space between the knots to allow the beads to slide, making the soother clip a bit of a toy, too. It's all about dual-purpose! 

To attach to a soother, simply insert the long bit of cord [at the end of the clip] up through the soother handle, pull the metal clip all the way through the loop at the end of the cord and *voila* your soother is attached to the clip! Attach to your sweet babe and you'll never have to search again. 

Your soother clip might look slightly different than the one in the photographs [eg. beads in a different order/pattern], but rest assured, it will work just the same.

Sorry but these DO NOT qualify for lettermail shipping.

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